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Doah's Daydream

Doah’s Daydream is a powerhouse high energy female fronted rock, pop, soul, reggae band with a twist. They bring power and undeniable passion to their live performances and it’s absolutely captivating. 
Doah, the bandleader and also the singer-songwriter was born in South Korea, grew up in Oahu, Hawaii. She is currently turning her daydreams into reality in San Diego. 


After multiple heartbreaks and struggles of slaving away at multiple corporate sales jobs, she was desperate to find her true purpose. 
 She found her way back to music and rediscovered her talent and true love for writing and performing. She decided to refocus and follow her heart by turning her daydream into reality as a performing artist. 


The band, Doah’s Daydream was formed in 2019. The band came together organically. They share the same passion and love for rock and roll music and they have been trailblazing and performing at popular venues in San Diego like the Music Box, THC, Winston’s beach club etc. They are really excited and getting ready for their first California tour in late 2021! 
 Doah’s Daydream has 5 singles out and 2 music videos so far. They planned to release another music video and new single in the late Fall of 2021. 


Sit back, relax and listen... Suddenly, you will drift into Doah’s Daydream.

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