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Native to the Mojave Desert of Joshua Tree, CA, Gabriella Evaro is an artist and musician generating multi-faceted sounds and thought-provoking lyricism. Tyler Saraca, hailing from the east coast, brings his love of psychedelic rock, hip hop, and funk to the table, joining forces with Gabriella; creating Q.varo. 


Q.varo elegantly creates harmonious melodies together looping guitar, bass, vocals, and beats into a unique soundscape bound to take listeners on a mysterious and sultry trip. This cohesive alchemy of sound has been weaved into a cascading tornado of creativity with a whole new impression of music, which is heard in their dynamic songwriting. From angelic vocals, alluring chaos, and hot dance grooves. Q.varo pulls their love of psychedelia, blues, electronica, hip hop, and more. 


Their performance at the October 2022 JTMF was positively electric! Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, choreographer, and (5th generation) artist; Gabriella has performed at the festival 20+  times since 2008; with her brother Gene, as the mastermind behind the Cactus Wine Experience, with Lucky Bones, vocalist with Myshkin, Earth Moon Earth, and more recently with her scintillating solo show.

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