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Boostive is a six to nine-piece band spearheaded by Chilean/Asian American music producer Seiji Komo. Formed in 2012 by a few childhood friends with distinct preferences for World, Hip-Hop and Jamaican Dub Reggae, the band began to slow-cook a musical gumbo with more flavors added when each new member added both their musical background and life experience to the mix. Amongst the lineup, the band wields two percussionists, well-trained in the syncopated universe of Africa and Latin America.


Beside them are a 2-4 piece horn section with a jazz feel that nods heavily to the dub reggae tradition and features solos that often feel like a furious rap from your favorite hip hop track. With the addition of conscious rap lyrics and wondrous, thoughtful female vocal melodies, your attention will not be lost. All of these elements may seem too much for one band to hold if not carried by the seriously heavy hip-hop pocket of the drum and bass. Imagine if J Dilla and Dr. Dre orchestrated a seasoned world reggae ensemble with sub-frequency bass.

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